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WordPress Optimised Hosting

From the ground up our hosting is built on Vultr HF and Google Cloud Platform servers – optimised and secured for WordPress so that resources are allocated more efficiently and your site runs faster out of the gate.

We can provide you with an entirely dedicated server and your own IP address.

Every production, or live site includes a staging site ready to be activated for development and testing. We can push / pull from production to staging and staging to production.

Your site is continually backed up both to a local and remote location. We can adjust your backup schedule according to your specific needs, with hourly, daily and weekly parameters available. Need specific backup requirements? We can also arrange for backups to be sent to your preferred cloud location (eg Google Drive).

Server level caching provides superior performance over plugin-based caching solutions – reducing database size and plugin dependencies.

We provide two server level caching options: Redis Nginx Page Caching and Redis Nginx FastCGI Caching.

Talk to us about the best caching options for your website.

We use Better Stack to monitor your website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Alerts can be sent to your email or phone. And with intervals as low as 30 seconds, you’ll know your site is up every minute.

With access to more than 30 data centers worldwide, from Australia to North and South America, throughout Europe and Asia, we can serve your website from the location that’s closest to your customers.

Transactional email refers to email notifications (contact form email, order notifications) sent by your website.

We use SendGrid to ensure your website is able to deliver email more reliably. With this integration you won’t need a SMTP plugin, reducing your website’s dependencies, potential conflicts and points-of-failure and attack surface.

We use and recommend Cloudflare CDN – the worlds #1 ranked Content Delivery Network – to accelerate content delivery and reduce sever loads.

We also recommend Cloudflare for managing your domain’s DNS. Cloudflare provides efficient DNS management and fast DNS Record propagation, along with a range of first line of defence security benefits such as DDoS protection (see Security below).

Advanced Layered Security

We use and recommend Cloudflare for both its DNS management and DDoS protection. Cloudflare blocks around 170 billion threats across the internet every day and prevents rubbish traffic from ever reaching your website.

The 7G Firewall provides lightweight, server-level protection against various threats like malicious requests, bad bots, automated attacks, and spam.

This process happens quietly at the server level, enhancing performance by avoiding the need to use PHP and MySQL to block bad requests. This makes server-level security more effective than using a plugin or other PHP script.

We’re able to deploy a range of WP-specific hardening functions that regular hosts do not provide. 

These measures – including blocking WP upgrade and install scripts – are individually configured according to your website requirements.

Get in touch for a list of these configurable WordPress application settings.

We constantly monitor every one of your WordPress applications – at the Core, Theme and Plugin levels. These logs are checked against the web’s largest WP vulnerability database – so if there is any vulnerability we can act immediately.

We use Fortress to Unlock Enterprise-Grade WordPress Security.

Fortress uses the powerful encryption library libsodium to its fullest potential in protecting data in your website database.

Two-Factor Authentication Fortress offers a 2FA suite with strong, layered defences that protect your data even if your entire database is compromised.

Password Security Fortress uses argon2-based password hashing, making it extremely difficult for hackers to crack your passwords.

Login Protection Fortress has a custom rate-limit system that stops even severe distributed brute force attacks without using frustrating captchas.

Session Protection Fortress provides top-level protection against session hijacking and cookie theft, similar to what Fortune 500 companies use.

Vaults & Pillars Never store sensitive data in plain text again. Fortress Vaults secure your data, and Pillars protect important settings in the wp_options table.

Code Freeze Fortress offers robust defense against attackers who gain access to an administrator account, providing protection almost as strong as an immutable codebase.

*Only available on Enterprise plans

We use and recommend Patchstack – the world’s largest vulnerability discloser, with 5000+ patches to protect your site. 

Advance vulnerability warning and patching (see below) takes your site beyond malware scanning – which detects that your site has an issue after it’s infected.

We also use Patchstack to deploy virtual patches – protecting your website from known vulnerabilities even when theme of plugin developers have not secured their software.

WPFail2Ban is a WordPress security plugin that provides another layer of protection against brute-force login attacks. WPFail2Ban helps prevent brute-force attacks by monitoring login attempts and logging suspicious activities. When someone tries to log in to a WordPress site and fails, WPFail2Ban logs this failed attempt. Fail2Ban monitors these logs and, if it sees too many failed attempts from a single IP, it blocks that IP.


Software Management

We monitor your server performance constantly to ensure your website has the resources it needs to continue to perform as expected. 

PHP is one of the programming languages that WordPress is built on. Keeping your website’s PHP version up-to-date further enhances security and performance.

We keep your website performant and secure WordPress Core management.

  • Security – Protect against vulnerabilities.
  • Performance – Enhance site speed and reliability.
  • New Features – Access the latest tools and functionalities.
  • Compatibility – Ensure smooth integration with plugins and themes.
  • Peace of Mind – We handle everything for you.

Theme and theme framework updates are essential for keeping your website performant. We also ensure that – where appropriate – code is written to the child theme rather than a separate plugin.

  • Security – Stay protected from vulnerabilities.
  • Performance – Improve speed and responsiveness.
  • New Features – Access functionality enhancements.
  • Compatibility – Seamless integration with Plugins and Core updates.
  • Peace of Mind – We handle all updates and testing for you.

Ensure your website remains secure and functional with managed WordPress Plugin updates.

  • Security – Protect against plugin vulnerabilities.
  • Performance – Enhance site speed and reliability.
  • New Features – Access the latest plugin improvements.
  • Compatibility – Ensure seamless integration with your theme and core updates.
  • Peace of Mind – We handle all updates and testing for you.

Your website runs on a collection of software – on the sever and application level. We work to ensure your software is up-to-date, secure and as lean as possible.

Your site’s software – from WordPress Core to Theme to Plugins – should be kept as up-to-date as possible. In addition to regularly scheduled updates, we also ensure your software is updated whenever security releases occur.

Performance Optimisation

Your database can easily become cluttered with revisions, auto-drafts, spam comments, and transients, which can negatively affect your site’s performance. We clean up these items and set limits to prevent future clutter. The result is a fast, responsive database.

JavaScript can block the first paint of your WordPress site’s page as it loads in the browser. Google recommends deferring Javascript. We can identify and defer blocking scripts on an individual basis. Where appropriate, also use delay JavaScript until user interaction. 

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The “reduce unused CSS” warning from PageSpeed Insights occurs when unnecessary CSS is loaded by a plugin or theme, slowing down your site. Developers usually enqueue stylesheets only when needed, but extra, unused styles often get added. This not only slows your site but can also trigger render-blocking warnings.

Many web page’s resources are not needed immediately as the page loads. We use Lazy loading to delay the loading of images, videos, or iframes until they enter the user’s viewport. This is especially impactful for pages that have a lot of images or videos.

Preloading scripts allows us to ensure your page has all the resources it needs to load as early as possible and often before the resources are actually requested.

Google Fonts are now re-downloaded for every website, regardless of whether they are already cached in a user’s browser.

Whether you’re using Google fonts or another kit like Adobe Type Kit, we store and serve your font’s locally, reducing requests and unnecessary header scripts.

We can also use display swap to speed up font loading, prevent render-blocking, and fix “Reduce the impact of third-party code” warnings.

Optimize your website with faster load times and better SEO by compressing and resizing images. Serve images in next-gen formats like WebP for superior compression and quality.

Content Management

We customise the Wordpress CMS to make content more appropriate. We can create custom content types built with exactly the information you need. Perfect for Products, Team Members and Events, Properties and even Services.

We perform your content updates (blog posts, text and image updates etc) so that you can stay focused on your business.

We make use of dynamic content to make your website more scalable and maintainable, so that rather than editing many static pages you can update content in one location and have it populate throughout your website.

Combining custom post types and fields with custom admin columns make it faster and easier to add and bulk edit content on your WordPress website.

With Inline Edit and Bulk Edit, you can update your content quick and easy, without having to open each post one at the time.

one shortcoming of Wordpress has been the ability to organise media in Folders. Anyone with more than 100 images on their website will know the headache it can be to find the image your looking for without scrolling. We will get your media library organised by adding folders, Icons, Product Images, etc.
We can even organise your posts, pages and custom post types the same way, making it easier than ever to find, add and edit content.

Well optimised and organised images can go a long way toward improving site speed and making managing your site hassle-free (especially sites with hundreds or thousands of images!). We use ShortPixel Pro for image optimisation and Happy Files for better media library management.

We use and recommend for lightning fast video delivery. Don’t make your visitors wait for slow loading content.

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