Editing Post Title & Description with Yoast

To update your post title, description and URL using Yoast SEO plugin, follow these steps.

Note: These settings relate to meta tags only and do not effect the page content.

Page Title. By default, Yoast applies your Post Title like this:

Post TitleWebsite Title

In most cases, this can be left as it is.

To change the Title.

  1. Select and delete the default “Title” placeholder tab.
  2. Type a new title before the “Separator” tab.

The Google preview panel shows your changes.
Yoast will also provide an indication of appropriate Title length – in most cases it’s good to follow this guide.
By default the SLUG will reflect the original Page Title. This can also be updated manually.

To add a Description.

The Description is the text you want search engines to display on their search results pages.

  1. Type description into field provided.

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